Cisa Asinari di Grésy family

Giovanni Battista Guaragno alias Garonius, wealthy merchant from Chambéry lived in 16th century, adopted his nephew Giovanni Domenico Guaragno who assumed the surname Cisa (italianization of his wifes original surname); m.Giannina (or Jeanette) Cise; They had a son:

Giovanni Domenico Cisa called Cize Garend, Noble with Regie Patenti from the Duke of Savoia 17.11.1596, buys Grésy-sur-Is?re and confirmed to the fief from the Duke of Savoia 9.12.1615; m.(contract 16.7.1577) Gabrielle Piet (from Chambéry), dau.of the merchant Jacques Piet; They had issue:
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